A currency for the future

For centuries, the global monetary system has been operated by governments and banks with currencies backed by gold. All of this changed when gold no longer backed the U.S. dollar. Now, global currencies are issued by demand and interest rates are being manipulated by central banks.

LMI provides investors with the opportunity to participate in the fastest growing asset class the world has ever known, allowing for complete financial freedom and flexibility that's separate from any and all banking institutions and government entities.

The Leadership Team

Trust in a hands-on and experienced management team that is focused on sustainable growth.

“We started LMI to take part in the blockchain revolution that began in 2008. Rick and I saw a major investment opportunity in the mining of Bitcoin as a tool that could generate predictable income daily, even as the price of the currency changed.”

– Joe Dwyer
Joe Dwyer
Co-Founder, President

Joe is the Co-Founder and President of Liquid Mining, Inc. with operational and commercial development expertise from his years working at a large digital sign manufacturer in Largo, Florida. Joe is a business owner and founder, with experience in building companies from the ground up, including a Real Estate Development Company and a successful 11-unit Tropical Smoothie Café franchise. With his entrepreneurial and leadership skills, Joe along with his brother Rick, saw an opportunity in the blockchain revolution and decided to take advantage of it by creating Liquid Mining, Inc., becoming a disruptor in the space.

"We got involved with Bitcoin because we wanted to invest in the mining behind a currency that wasn’t tied to any banking institutions or government bodies, providing investors complete flexibility and financial independence."

– Rick Dwyer
Rick Dwyer
Co-Founder, CEO

Rick is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Mining, Inc., bringing his engineering experience and investment consulting expertise to the Company. For several years, Rick worked as an investment consultant for numerous private and public companies, assisting in capital raise initiatives and listings on the Nasdaq, AMEX and OTCBB. Rick has also worked as a financial planner, providing clients with plans that would protect them from the massive drawdowns that were experienced by millions in 2000-2002 and 2007-2009. Rick is also an Owner and Chief Operating Officer of Tactive, an SEC-registered RIA that specializes in bringing advanced blended strategies to their clients.

Investing in our local community

As much as our focus is on providing investors with predictable income, we are also set on uplifting our local community.

We make this possible by building a business that offers those in our community an entry point into the Bitcoin mining industry, new jobs for those that live in the area, and an unconventional way for energy producers to offset their energy waste.