Build Wealth With Bitcoin Mining

Liquid Mining, Inc. (“LMI”) is a future-forward Bitcoin mining and hosting operation offering investors a hedge against inflation through secured investments in Bitcoin mining, generating predictable returns.

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The increase in Bitcoin value since Dec 2022


Amount of time Bitcoin prices have been steady

We mine with low fixed operating costs and a high profit margin

Our rapidly growing facility in Pontiac, Michigan is scaling up mining operations, computer hosting and node operations in order to create the most efficient, effective and growth-focused Bitcoin mining facilities for our investors.

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ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Units)

The number of mining machines that we currently own and operate.


Projected gross margin

After deducting electricity.


The cost of mining Bitcoin with LMI

Less than the industry average.


Annual returns for a single investment

With the opportunity to increase.

We optimize our mining efficiency through our high hash rates

Hash rates are used to determine the health, security and mining difficulty of a block chain network. The higher the hash rate we deploy, the more profitable for our investors.

We currently have a mining hash rate capacity of 60 petahashes when all ASICs machines are fully deployed, utilizing approximately 2 MegaWatts (MWs) of energy. The number of petahashes are projected to grow by 200 upon full deployment of $7M in proceeds.

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LMI is resilient in all market environments

By leveraging the discounted cost of mining equipment, due to fluctuations in cryptocurrency, LMI is capable of operating and expanding operations with no debt and a high gross margin.

*Excluding current investment offerings

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We provide our investors with the opportunity to earn predictable income

If Bitcoin maintains an average price of $27,000 for the next 3 years, then the projected returns based on our financial model are 10%, 15% and 27% each year, respectively, which equates to a CAGR of 15.7%.

*Excluding current investment offerings

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avg. price
Yr 1 - 10%
avg. price
Yr 2 - 15%
avg. price
Yr 3 - 27%
(Compound Annual Growth Rate)

Sustainable scale

We are passionate about sustainability and providing the most cost-effective approach to mining Bitcoin. Our cutting-edge ASICs machines provide increased hashing capacity while reducing energy consumption. We also plan to work with renewable energy producers to minimize our risk of regulation pertaining to carbon-based energy used for mining.

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